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The Purification of the Heart

In order to reach the domain and subdomain pages with the necessary information for your journey, you must schedule an e-Assessment session with the game Master, Odin Theta Prime and ask the following questions:

  1. What is the heart?
  2. What means purification?
  3. How can the heart be opened and what for?
  4. When should one purify the heart ?
  5. Which are the signs of a purified heart ?
  6. How Prime Meditation Helps one purify own heart?
  7. How one learn Prime Breathing ?
  8. Which are the steps necessary to reach a state of prime breathing meditative presence?
  9. How can one stay in continues presence and meditation on own prime breath, 24×7 ?

9+. Can you teach me how to practice Prime Breathing?

After Odin Theta Prime has answer you all of this questions, you must for at least 9 days dedicate your self to the practice of Prime Meditation. (Ideal 27, 81 days).


Find a Prime Temple and share with the Gods the result of your quest, your new abilities, wisdom and knowledge.

Schedule an e-Assessment session with LUIS, along this session you will have the possibility to ask these questions.







Your wealth is within your own heart Odin Theta Peace song, from Prime Technology on Vimeo.


e-Assessment: Change your life! ADVANCE your personal development, wealth, business, self-knowledge, Love, Consciousness from Prime Technology on Vimeo.


Strategic Leadership e-Training



Personalized design

  • Choose number of sessions of e-training, e-coaching, key subjects of interests, skills you wish to develop and fields of application.

Self-Assessment Sessions  ( Try it now! )

  • Find out your strategic leadership ability rank.


  • Advance your strategic leadership skills, along daily life, family and business challenges, with the support of a e-coach.

e-Training Modules ( Try a Monthly fee! )

  • Review and discuss key topics of study, case study, inspiration, knowledge, guidelines, workbooks, books, videos, information, personal and spiritual development topics.



The core knowledge (Primordial Technology Applied to Leadership – Prime Tech has been developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 1987 -2016)  is the foundation for the e-training.

In particular Leadership in the fields of Business, Culture, Corporate & Governance (Prime Tech Theta),  Peace, Culture & Life Care: (Prime Peace),  Personal & Spiritual Development (Prime Yoga), Love Relationships, Family (Prime Love), Wealth, Property & Heritage ( Wealthability ).


  • Online self-assessment. Evaluation of customer strategic leadership skills, abilities, status, in relation to our standard Matrix 9+, Codex and Rank.
  • Design of a personalized e-learning program which includes all services described above.
  • The e-Training develops with focus on a field of application that suits the customer needs and interests. e-Modules of training are combined with e-coaching and e-self-assessment, e-game missions, e-books and GYM9s trainings.


Every season new e-documents are published, and added to the e-forum, and e-learning programs. The subscription gives to the customer the right to have access to the e-documents*

The membership, is a flate rate, monthly/seasonal fee, paid for a basic set of services. (ask us for more details)


THE MATRIX 9+ Strategy Board Gamethis would be an amazing way to training for the Matrix 9+ would you like to help me build the game boards ?


Have been published today for every one to read and build own boards

The Prime Tech Standard used for quantification of the human value, capacity of responsibility and function, score card and rank, has several score lines that set 9+ levels or stages of development.

But how to train in them? Self education is a key if you decide not to take a training with LUIS(Myself), which means LUIS (myself) will receive only questions of those students registered and paid students.

Any case your case, you are welcome now to try the MATRIX 9+ GAME, is a board game, complementary to the rank training where score lines are used to define the mode of the moves, or quality, intention of the moves.

Inspired in the I Go Game, this multi board game is an awesome tool to train and master the real Matrix 9+, and also where to apply your training and rank wisdom and abilities.

i wish you enjoy it and decide to join the game sessions announced at the prime agora, and the game of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, bot complementary to this game, and the prime tech boot camp:

(WIKI) Students, Candidates & Partners

(WIKI) Students, Candidates & Partners

All Projects and Services provided or developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken are under the Asgard Project Umbrella.

Here a list of definitions




  • Are those that wish to become students of the Prime TechPrime Love SchoolOdin Theta AcademyGJO AcademyPrime Yoga School or Golden Path 9. Candidates are in process of evaluation which starts after they complete register at the ” Game of the gods and goddesses in prime self union” in the trace : Candidates to prime self union. No public profile or list available.



  • Are those that collaborate with Prime Tech Projects, Odin Theta Academy Projects within Asgard Projects with a volunteers agreement. No public profile or list available.


  • Are those dedicated to collaborate with the Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in the development of the Asgard Project, under a collaboration agreement or contract. No public profile or list available.


  • Are organizations, professionals, companies or networks that provide services or products, hubs or collaboration, to Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & the Asgard Project. Maybe public profile or list available.


  • Are those organizations, professionals, companies or networks that have signed a collaboration agreement with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the Asgard Project. Maybe  public profile or list available.


  • Are online, digital, organic, abroad traveling or at location  private individuals, families, organizations (for profit and not for profit), government (or any of their offices or organizations under government, city or state umbrella), professionals, companies, communities or networks that have buy, will buy or bought today services or products provided by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the Asgard Project. No public profile or list available.