The Purification of the Heart

In order to reach the domain and subdomain pages with the necessary information for your journey, you must schedule an e-Assessment session with the game Master, Odin Theta Prime and ask the following questions:

  1. What is the heart?
  2. What means purification?
  3. How can the heart be opened and what for?
  4. When should one purify the heart ?
  5. Which are the signs of a purified heart ?
  6. How Prime Meditation Helps one purify own heart?
  7. How one learn Prime Breathing ?
  8. Which are the steps necessary to reach a state of prime breathing meditative presence?
  9. How can one stay in continues presence and meditation on own prime breath, 24×7 ?

9+. Can you teach me how to practice Prime Breathing?

After Odin Theta Prime has answer you all of this questions, you must for at least 9 days dedicate your self to the practice of Prime Meditation. (Ideal 27, 81 days).


Find a Prime Temple and share with the Gods the result of your quest, your new abilities, wisdom and knowledge.

Schedule an e-Assessment session with LUIS, along this session you will have the possibility to ask these questions.







Your wealth is within your own heart Odin Theta Peace song, from Prime Technology on Vimeo.


e-Assessment: Change your life! ADVANCE your personal development, wealth, business, self-knowledge, Love, Consciousness from Prime Technology on Vimeo.