The Purification of the Heart

In order to reach the domain and subdomain pages with the necessary information for your journey, you must schedule an e-Assessment session with the game Master, Odin Theta Prime and ask the following questions:

  1. What is the heart?
  2. What means purification?
  3. How can the heart be opened and what for?
  4. When should one purify the heart ?
  5. Which are the signs of a purified heart ?
  6. How Prime Meditation Helps one purify own heart?
  7. How one learn Prime Breathing ?
  8. Which are the steps necessary to reach a state of prime breathing meditative presence?
  9. How can one stay in continues presence and meditation on own prime breath, 24×7 ?

9+. Can you teach me how to practice Prime Breathing?

After Odin Theta Prime has answer you all of this questions, you must for at least 9 days dedicate your self to the practice of Prime Meditation. (Ideal 27, 81 days).


Find a Prime Temple and share with the Gods the result of your quest, your new abilities, wisdom and knowledge.

Schedule an e-Assessment session with LUIS, along this session you will have the possibility to ask these questions.





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