Foreplay Society

All is about Love, Prime Yoga Applied to Meditative Conscious Love Making


FOREPLAY SOCIETY is a community dedicated to explore and study meditative conscious love making.

The ForePlay Society self education based school (see method) where facilitator and coach provide advice, guidance and information for you to explore in the 9 rooms of love!

Our events are dedicated to lovers and to singles to meet up and find a new love; for couples and parents to empower their love relationships, for lovers to love!

Our practices are dedicated to enhance our ability and understanding of meditative conscious love making; in order to empower our natural flow at the field of making love, massage, dance and daily life.

In order to join FOREPLAY SOCIETY you need to start by experience, but where to experience?

The Journey
The 9 Dances of Love
The 9 Stages of Love
The 9 Jewels of Love
The 9 Fields of Love
The 9 Roses of Love

You for sure have some idea of what you wish to learn, experience or develop, or maybe explore with us (see personalized journey).

But where to start?

LUIS designed 9 Rooms where the foreplay circle members will be dedicated to love, please choose the room(s) you would prefer to start with.


FOREPLAY SOCIETY Is a community and network online.


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