Prime Love

Prime Yoga Applied for Meditative Conscious Love Making



What does it mean primordial love making?

In order to give you an idea, i would like to invite you expand your perception on what humans are and what love making is, or we will say so, in how many realms simultaneously you make love (or could make love) when you make love?

Imagine that your natural ability to communicate, cocreate, make love, can be expressed through 900 channels or fields, but now you have  learned to experience it in only 3 channels, in a world that live and create a culture based on 3 channels. How would that feel to slowly experience more and more fields of your self, where you actually naturally would make love at, but so far never saw it, experiences or did it?

Before exploring in the primordial form of conscious love making see the 9 dances of love, stage 9 and 9+, it is necessary a previouse stage of self awareness awakened. The Dance9 will bring you by the awakening of the 9 sexual bodies in the 9 divine realms. But why is this for and how the 9 Stages of love come into play?  please review the inner oneness stage of love.

Are you ready…?

here we go!

We are living in a quantumverse, the nature of all that is has quantum qualities. It means what for our experience at conscious love making? Are we beyond time? while being present making love do we feel the multidimensional time=now=past=future of our co-creative joy and force taking place? Are we multidimensional beings not only because we have several energy frequency streams in one body but as well as because we do have more self expressions of our inner primordial core that exist in parallel dimensions?

How modern science would explain love making multidimensionally?

In the booklet “The hidden woman realm” i described how multidimensional conscious sexuality works. And what does it mean responsibility and presence in the multidimensional field

THe upgrade of this information is giving now with the quantum, and divine love making.

You are a holographic being, a fractal being in time, a nano verse citizen, a digiverse creator, you are living your divine nature, as god and goddess.

What all means for you? while foreplaying while making love?

The following story will give you an idea.

Your lover has within own multiversial and quantumverse, divine verse, other images of own self. Might you find them in the same realms and make love with them as well… your conscious love making would become real.

Consciousness as a term does not refer about being responsible, is about being fully conscious of your own divine nature.

In our seminar and practices we explore on our inner world, but as well on how to reconnect with our own self, see 9 stages of love, inner-oneness.  By becoming one with all self expressions images of yourself and loving consciously with all of them, a complete experience of love making (interdimensionally, in its quantum nature, of consciousness), takes place.

We will discuss about this field of our work very soon in our foreplay circle sessions. ( The Journey )

The main question is how to love to our bodies can shift into love with our heart and soul, into divine love experience while meditative conscious love making?

It is actually very easy. You just need to do it.

And if you still do not know how, we will support you reconnect your heart, your inner core source, your multidimensional self, and quantum self, and divine self, into the experience and practice of consciouss love making as for the in the quality of experience a being like you need to experience, self experience, as a divine being, as for your own divine nature, the divine nature of your heart!

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