Sun Dance Theta

The day starts with a breathing soft meditation while we enjoy the sounds of the wind, birds and silence of every one in the circle.
Some yoga to warm up and align our energy to our heart, in self love, we sound and vibrate in tune with nature. We turn to our primal self, by looking inwards, we find those zones, fields of our life, psychology, being that we would love to transform, uplift, develop.
Once our foundation work is done, we are ready for the dance.
CELEBRATION (Our Main Aim is to celebrate life, love, play, joy)
The main aim of the SunDanceTheta is to provide a space for celebration, consciousness, union with source within own heart and integration, harmony, collaboration with nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles. Peace, culture, family, life and heritage care.
The celebration events are dedicated to play, have fun, enjoy and be happy, with and within the field of the dance and in cocreation with the other dancers.
To develop the ability of communication, play, celebration, is the main aim of the SunDanceTheta.
While within the space of training, there are several other applications of our methods and the SunDanceTheta provides training as well with specific purposes.
It integrates some language learned along the workshop/training. A language based on symbols, metaphors, stories, body (non verbal) emotional language.
The dance improvisation is a process of alchemy guided by the individual and circle dancers, according to each dance session aims, methods provided, instructions by the trainer or just (for advanced dancers) 100% free full alchemy-improvisation.
The Mandalas are dance rooms, dedicated to a specific story, to a particular intent.
For example:
  • The mandala of the 3 or 9 elements, help us advance our ability for emotional self-management
  • The mandala of the nordic star nine, help us advance our multidimensional self-awareness and self-expression ability
Most of the mandalas we dance belong to the stages of development suggested by Prime Tech Theta, for example: the 9 stages of love, or the 9 stages of development. Each of them is a guide for our dancers, a story to travel through, learn and evolve from.
HOW TO APPLY TO SunDanceTheta to other FIELDS
Personal development, self-knowledge, emotional self-management, awareness, consciousness… we explore and uplift our life through the dance.
SundDanceTheta workshops and celebrations may be dedicated to a particular field of work; when you register be sure you know the topic will be worked out along the dance. For example:
  • Personal development
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Multidimensional Self-Expression
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Conscious sexuality, love relationship
  • Love making
  • Meditative performing arts
  • Alchemy of emotions and feelings, self-transformation.
  • Emotional exploration on nature principles, laws, rhythms and cycles.
  • Body arts
  • Preventive emotional therapeutical practices
  • Community Building
  • Team Building
  • Collective awareness
  • Process awareness
  • Prime Tech Theta Assessment Tools
  • Perception
  • Communication, collaboration, co-creation
  • Emotional Time Management
  • Decision Making learning
  • Self-awareness, limits setting, bounderies
  • Non violence practices
  • Integration of arts: performing arts, theater, music, dance, media.
  • Spiritual development
  • Cultural costumes and traits exploration
  • Spiritual archeology
  • … and much more…
For each of these fields, the design of the learning process, practice may vary.
Notice that all Prime Tech Theta know how can be thought and experienced within the field of the Sun Dance Theta practices and celebration
JOIN US, register with us, so we will tell you when and where the dance will take place.
IMPORTANT: Our events and trainings are violence, alcohol and drugs free. We ask all attendees to avoid consumption of the three described above, before, along and after the event.
Would you like to start with alchemy and self knowledge, well the assessment sessions will help you find out how to utilize Sun Dance Theta practices, sessions and celebrations for personal development and self knowledge.
2.5 days weekend training on more than 18 total hours. Private or group sessions.

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