Prime Nurturing

The path of nutrition yoga has several stages and modalities of practice.
By following the intention of abandon the greed and consume vampire-style of living, one must perceive own habits and natural behaviour in a new way.  Human kind developed since conception, for example the self nurturing through the blood of the mother, and growing within another organic being; to later follow up with energy nurturing within the layers of the collective tissues of the family and society or culture, to the greed and consume of the resources given by nature and the government (social services). A society developed by this particular type of nutrition is the one we know on earth.
The path of nutrition yoga will bring the practitioner to a self -sufficient state and a new quality of self-sustainability, perception, decision making and action. A new society, culture, and family relationships will become possible.
Here is how we start in the tangible application of prime yoga to nurturing yourself. All of these practices must be done responsibly and with observation of health. Here they will be briefly described, as for the preparation and starting point of them need to be done with advice and collaboration of an expert or health practitioner and by no mean affect your performance in daily life, family or business. ( we will only describe some stages of the practice, as for suggesting to you a deep study of it, within our school)
Starting with DETOX, water, breathing and yoga would be need to be combined with spending time in the forest, sea and nature in general.
The second stage would be of avoiding consume of other beings as for one is capable of self generation. The consume of other beings for own nurturing, plants, animals, minerals, stars, and dimensions or universes, must be avoided.
The training starts with shifting the nurturing out of external sources to internal ones. Here some examples of how the process of completion can be reached.
Raw food is an ideal, straight forward step, it would bring to your life clarity, light and ground, and speed, ability to act and make decisions. For its maximum benefits need to be combined with avoiding sugar or solving sugar addiction issues. It would be also recommended to add prime – do to its practice.
Breathing, as for the prime- breathing practice, would be extremely necessary for emotional self transformation and body memory release. A deeper process of detox and transmutation. The prime breathing will also bring any micro being into a field of prime-consciousness, and activate prime consciousness within own water. A Molecular self-awareness and consciousness practice. It is a core practice for sacred sexuality, family and community management, arts and organization or culture development as other traces and nurturing qualities would be there for purified ( prime consciousness activated within them )
As the addiction to cooked meals, carbohydrates, and sugars have been solved, one eventually, socially might like to still apply vegan or vegetarian meals, at certain points in time. While it is suggested that one shift completely into raw food.
The next stage would be that one of avoiding any kind of macro food, and focus on nurturing only through the nine elements. The initial stages of the practice to completion will mean a combination of the practices described above, while the organs and process associated to the self nurturing through the 9 elements become active and spontaneous through natural breathing (prime breathing). These stage need be be observed and perceived as a previouse stage to self sufficiency. But remember that the self-nurturing through the 9 elements would still mean an act of consuming in the terms describing in the first lines of this text, which is our goal to avoid.
In order to reach self sufficiency one must activate own heart, and in a state of prime self union, reach the ability of self=generating, from out the prime field of self-consciousness, the essence of all elements necessary, for living, self-nurturing, self-regeneration, self-manifestation.
The consume of innerly manifested inner light, would be mandatory as in the process of avoiding a vampire behaviour, goal described in the first paragraphs of this text.
A sign of reaching self-nurturing completion stages, would be the ability of self-manifestation, self-generation out of a sparkle of consciousness within any dimension or verse, as for within our own.
At this point the practice and understanding of inner oneness is necessary.
For the correct application of the practice of nurturing yoga, it is necessary the state of prime self union, and to realize that one must not fall into the dark states of guilty, frustration, or limitation of time and process; by remembering that you are already organic sounding light, as well as all that is, is organic sounding light as well, there for, there is nothing that you must avoid to do or consume; nevertheless, there is a path of nurturing yoga to walk. the question stay for you. why ?
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