Prime Oneness

The understanding of oneness is necessary for all stages of the practice of prime yoga.
Oneness has been perceived by the modern culture (original intention, understanding) as the idea of all that is being one applied on, in principle, interaction and relationship with others, as for individuals, nature (plants, animals, minerals, elements, nature forces, planets, stars, universes, multiverses and so on)
While this idea is not wrong, as all that is is the same field of consciousness, the practice of it have been conduced guided by a miss perception, there for the completion stage would be missed.
 It is not in the perceived, by the current ability of perception of human kind, field of all that is that we find our oneness. But within our own self.
As for the quantum nature of ourselves, there are many parallel expressions of ourself, developing and unfolding in several dimensions, verses, as holo-verse, fractal-verse, nano-verse, digital-verse, multiverse…. all of them being ourselves, the same field of consciousness, generated from the same unique sparkle of consciousness, we are.
At the instant in which prime source dreamt about your existence, the sparkle of consciousness, of yourself did self replicate in all possibilities of existence, within the creation of prime source itself, as mirror of all that is, you also are.
Within all of these dimensional and environmental frequencies, hold by own field of consciousness and cultures, dimensional rules might apply that are for your current perception unknown. As for example within your own dimension you might have learned about the use of 9 elements, and some fisics of the perceived universe. In other realms, the rules might be different, as well as the forms of self expression.
Being you as well in all of these forms, it is your duty, along the path of self-mastery, in a state of prime self union, become one, first, within yourself.
By integrating all of these expressions of yourself, through prime yoga, prime breathing, prime perception and prime action, you will become finally one, first within yourself.
Only after this stage of completion, the perception of all that is will shift into truth, knowledge, inner-standing, prime-standing. At such point in your consciousness, the question of oneness with all you perceive would be renew and its answer will bring you clarity on the meaning and sense of your original intention in the path of oneness, which we are correcting now.
The practice of inner oneness, is the first stage necessary for reaching prime-oneness.  Practices like self observation, within our true nature, our quantum nature, are necessary. (see 9 divine worlds, divine verse, quantum verse, multi verse, holo verse, fracto verse, nano verse, digi verse, and inner verse )
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