Prime Business

The practice of business is necessary as for all we do, is what we are bussy in (bussy ness, is all that keep us bussy, as for profit or for not profit, for research, study or application, as for resilience or leisure, self-enjoyment or creativity, travel or building up of family and culture, any activity individuals or community engage in, is what these individuals or communities are bussy in)

The practice of doing business, need to be observed according to the rules and “laws”of the current realm you are operating in.

For which Prime Do, and Prime Yoga, in general suggest a key practice, the practice of doing business.

The application of prime technology for business is probably the most complex level of practice, as it will involve grounding of collective energy centers or chakras, involve collective self-awareness, process management, nurturing, behaviour, perception and action. All of these guided by a CEO or manager of the process one is bussy in: ourselves.

While one can choose to engage into business individually, while business turns into family, or projects with employees or just the participation of customers, the collective experiences of it becomes tangible.

In the book the “spiritual path of doing business”, “money = prime source”, ‘the human based engine”and other publications in the blog make it tangible, as well as in the golden tree, i explain in more detail several aspects of this path.

While in my experience as business consultant and coach, by applying this knowledge, the training for  the practice of prime business, need to be done in an structured modality, by following a grounded process of self-education, supported by an experienced trainer in the application of the methods, tools and practices described as for prime business.

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