Prime Yoga


Yoga as an experience of union with own heart, with the prime source of all that is; is a transformational path that leads the individual to self-awareness, emotional self-management, self-love, inner peace,  clarity,  grounding perception of life, gratefulness and joy.

There are three practices of Prime Yoga provided to starters and advanced practitioners.

0. Prime Meditation, or prime breathing practice

1. The practice of the 9 Prime Movements, and the 9 static positions.

2. The practice of the prime sound.

3. The practice of the 900 Prime Yogas.

A Prime Yoga, should be a daily naturally experienced state of prime self union, union (yoga) with the source of all that is, prime source; expressed 24×7 through any kind of activity possible for the human condition. The state of Prime Yoga, Prime self union, is the purpose and main aim of the practice.

For the essential practice of Prime Yoga, no method, practice or technique would be needed, but only the state of prime self union.

Prime self union, is the purpose of the practice of all methods, trainings and techniques thought, by Prime Yoga.

The Prime Yoga as a Teaching, Practice, Path, “system” dedicated to prime self union, has been developed, created, reactivated, red-discovered and adapted to our time and verse by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

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