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1 session 90 min you can schedule within 3 weeks on SKYPE.

9 Sessions, each 135 min (90 min online, + 45 min forum, video messages & email based).
Along 9 weeks,
You can choose intensity: DAILY : 1,2,3,4,5 times per week; or RETREAT: 9 sessions along one weekend.

Prime Meditation is the foundation practice of prime yoga. The training on prime meditation includes non violence practices, emotional self-management, communication, arts and all other prime yoga practices approached from the point of view of prime meditation. Training together, coaching for improvements, technical advice, selfstudy materials, e-mail questions and answers, video based training (personalized) you can use to practice by your own.


Prime Family – The Prime Yoga Practice of the Gods and the Goddesses in Prime Self Union

NOTICE for Practitioners
In order to make this experience, it is necessary to know how to learn and apply method, techniques, practices, described in books, but facilitated along experiential workshops, trainings that enhance your skills, perception and organic ability of tangible application. Intention, information is not enough! Start  by learning the core practice, and a review of the main principles to observe for this path today!

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