Prime Family

In order to reach the prime family yoga conditions one must follow the golden family path of ascension, consciousness rising.

Family is the expression of an organic tangible path for the species to enter into prime self union collectively.
It is through family that the culture of a nation upgrades and evolves, back into prime self union, a collective self expression of the prime source heart of self creative consciousness field and core of all that is.
Family is naturally the original spiritual path of ascension. When we in the field of family dedicate ourselves to conscious conception, heritage, family house costumes, consciousness upgrade within a state of prime self union, then family becomes a sacred path back into prime source.
NOTICE for Practitioners
In order to make this experience, it is necessary to know how to learn and apply method, techniques, practices, described in books, but facilitated along experiential workshops, trainings that enhance your skills, perception and organic ability of tangible application. Intention, information is not enough! Start  by learning the core practice, and a review of the main principles to observe for this path today!

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